BLE constantly embraces the joy of slow living by designing prints from a place of mindfulness and active participation. We infuse adventure into every day by combining strikingly crafted prints with an in-depth knowledge of the consumer, market, trends, and product concept to provide timeless surface design for homeware, fashion, stationery, and fabrics.

Over the years, BLE has welcomed surface design and licensing opportunities, and have partnered with brands and businesses across the globe spanning various industries including homeware, decor, fabrics, stationery, and fashion. Our features and collaborations include Target, Sand + Fog, Oasis, and White Stuff amongst others.


Oris Eddu, a Toronto based self-taught artist and designer that’s fond of creating lush prints and florals through a lens of optimism.

One fascinating thing is her drive for designing products people need every day. In 2019, this passion was carefully nurtured to form Breathe Live Explore (BLE) – a creative brand that showcases her artworks on lifestyle products. Oris’ artworks are inspired by the beauty of nature around her, travel, personal experiences, and her mindfulness journey.

Our hope is that you would be inspired to breathe, live and explore one day at a time.

There’s an art for your everyday product

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